SIF Transilvania is an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (A.I.F.M.), authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 74/2015 on alternative investment fund managers, based on the Authorization no. 40/15.02.2018.

The Company is in the process of authorization as a Retail Investor Alternative Investment Fund (R.I.A.I.F.), of closed-end type, diversified, established as an investment company, self-managed, according to Law no. 243/2019 on the regulation of alternative investment funds.
SIF Transilvania is managed in a two-tier management system by an Executive Board which carries out its activity under the control of the Supervisory Board.

The subscribed and paid-in share capital amounts to RON 216,244,379.70 and is composed of 2,162,443,797 common, registered and dematerialized shares, issued at a par value of RON 0.10 /share.
The shares issued by the Company are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, on the Main segment, at the Premium category (B.S.E. symbol: SIF3; ISIN: ROSIFCACNOR8; Bloomberg: SIF3 RO; Reuters: SIF3.BX).
The Company is included in BET-FI, BET-XT, BET-XT-TR and BET-BK indices.  

SIF Transilvania manages an investment portfolio which has a predominant exposure on the Romanian capital market, mainly on listed shares issued by companies in the financial - banking, tourism, real estate and energy sectors. The Company can also invest in fixed income financial instruments, namely bank deposits, treasury certificates, government securities and corporate bonds.

The structure of the aggregate portfolio managed by the Company complies with the investment limitations undertaken by the Company’s risk profile, respectively by the status of Retail Investor Alternative Investment Fund and remains consequently focused on shares listed on the Romanian capital market, selected on solid substantiation criteria.

In accordance with the applicable legal regulations, SIF Transilvania publishes on a monthly basis the net asset value and, on a quarterly basis, information on the fair value of its investments, namely the Detailed Statement of Investments, which is published along with the interim and annual financial reports.
SIF Transilvania’s main objectives are maximizing of the aggregate returns achieved by the current and potential shareholders on the investments in shares issued by the Company and increasing of the unitary asset value through the entire range of instruments provided by the legislation applicable to the capital markets.

The record of the shareholders and the shares held by them is kept, under contract and law provisions, by the company Depozitarul Central S.A. Bucharest. The custody and depository services related to the assets held by S.I.F. Transilvania are provided by BRD-Groupe Société Générale.

The Company’s annual financial statements are audited by the financial auditor Deloitte Audit S.R.L. Bucharest and the internal audit is performed by the company Mazars Romania S.R.L. Bucharest.

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